On 2nd March 2019, a cloud of darkness, pain and  sorrow hung around this Church compound as  people with   heavy hearts were seen  talking in low tones and in tears  as news of the late  Rev. Fr. Prof. Fredrick Mvumbi,OP,  were broken to confreres and parishioners by the Vicar Provincial of Dominican Friars. This was because a confrere, friend, colleague, teacher, scholar and priest had passed on.  It was a day of mourning with great emotional loss. Though men and women of faith, we were broken heart and stood in need of God’s consoling grace.

Today on 2nd March 2020, we assemble in the same Church compound to mark 1st death anniversary. We are here to thank God for the gift of the life of the late Rev. Fr. Prof. Fredrick Mvumbi in our midst. We pray for repose of his soul and strengthening of the Family of Dominican Friars and entire Parish of St. Catherine of Siena. We mark this anniversary with humility as we remember the dedication of late Rev. Fr. Prof. Fredrick Mvumbi who:

  1. In his priestly ministry ( as minister of the Word and Sacraments, especially  the baptisms he administered, Confessions he heard, Holy Eucharist he celebrated   and marriages he officiated ) he sanctified the people of God.  
  2. In his scholarly work as a reputable professor in the Catholic University of Eastern Africa and Tangaza University College shared knowledge and empowered people especially the youth towards social transformation through education. We acknowledge time he spent to mentor students and write books.
  3. In the social life as a friend to the academia field and Christian families, associations and movements. He was friendly and approachable to all, compassionate and charitable to the poor and needy.

Rev. Fr. Prof. Fredrick Mvumbi, though physically gone, his spirit lives in our midst as we fondly remember his love of well-prepared homilies, class work and environment. He believed in ecumenism and Interreligious dialogue.

Brothers and sisters, death is a transitory stage in our earthly life that shows our mortal nature and dependency on God’s mercy. It calls us to grow in humility, faith and trust in God aware that this world is not our home.

In the 1st reading from the book of Job 19: 1, 23-27b, Job confesses his faith in the Resurrection and in God the Redeemer of the just who trust in Him.  He does not put his hope in materials or human power. He sees all as nothing without God. These words are echoed by the Psalmist in Psalm 23 who states that the Lord is Our Shepherd there is nothing we shall want. The Lord guides his people in the right path and walks them through the valley of death.

In the 2nd reading from the letter of St. Paul to the Romans 5: 5-11, We are invited to live in faith, hope and love. We are beneficiaries of God’s grace who sent his Son Jesus Christ to save us by dying on the cross. Through the death of Christ on the cross, we are made righteous. This is a pure gift from God, which we do not deserve due to our sinful human nature. By grace of God, the communion between God and man, and man to man is restored we are reconciled to God who is merciful, forgiving and gracious.

In the Gospel according to St. Matthew 11: 25 -30, Jesus gives thanks to God for hiding these things to the wise and learned, and revealing them to the children. We are called to be true disciples despite our life challenges. Let us bear the yoke and follow the Lord for he will make our worries, fears, and burden light. Jesus  Christ the true teacher of prayer  and reconciliation is our role model of going God’s will. We are called to embrace repentance, reconciliation, forgiveness, and inner peace. We have a duty create a conducive environment for human development, deepening of our faith and promotion of human dignity.

By death the worries, fears and pain of late Rev. Fr. Prof. Fredrick Mvumbi ended. His smile, compassionate heart are no more. His death reminds us that our Christian life should be marked by being watchful and persistent in prayer.

During this Lenten season, let us pray for inner conversion, true spirit of penance, deep faith and open heart to help the poor and the needy.. Bless and illumine our mind lord that we may examine our past and present life, joyfully give alms to the poor as we strive to build a kingdom of peace, love and unity.  May God bless our country, our Church, Our families and direct our hearts and mind to the right path.

May God help us to plant good seeds during our earthly life that will continue to yield good fruits during and after our death. Let us become candles to dispel darkness in our communities and in lives of the people we touch. May St. Catherine of Siena, Patroness of our Parish intercede for us to become true witnesses of the Gospel.

Eternal rest grant unto him oh Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him.

May He rest in Peace.


Rev. Fr. Celestino Bundi Mutea