Maurice B Schepers, OP

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Maurice B Schepers, OP
Vicar Provincial

About fifteen years ago I first set foot in Africa, just at th time that our Provnce was in the process of taking on the project of launching a Vicariate. Fr. Tom Ertle was Provincial at the time, and after I had tested the waters through a semester at the Catholic Higher Institute of Eastern Africa in Nairobi (eventually to become the Catholic University of Eastern Africa), I readily agreed that this was the right road for me to take, by joining the Vicariate. And so it has been! In the first place, there is the re-discovery of Dominican community, from which I had been estranged for some years. Then too the chance to preach and teach “in the African context,” that is a political culture where nations are on the move towards genuine freedom, but where earlier attempts to evangelize have gone only skin deep for lack of contextualization. Finally, there is an opportunity to collaborate in giving some orientation to the growth of the Vicariate, for more effective contemplative preaching, through servant leadership. This is definitely the place for me, and I can’t think of every being anywhere else.

In addition to his responsibilities for teaching and preaching, he is also the heard of Social Communication Institute (ISC) at Tangaza College.