A Day of Recollection!

A spirit of collaboration was witnessed when the Friars at St. Dominic’s Priory Karen were united in facilitating a day of recollection. This spiritual event took place on 16th April 2020 at the Resurrection Garden – Karen, Nairobi.

Catholic Ministry to the Deaf community at Karen formally established in May 2017 with the main target group being Karen Technical Training Institute for the Deaf (KTTID) community. This community comprises the teaching staff, support staff and students, both hearing and hard of hearing (deaf).

The project has been under the care of Regina Caeli Parish and the Archdiocese of Nairobi Deaf Chaplaincy.

The main programmes of this community have included Catechesis on the Catholic Doctrine (by the Chaplaincy and Dominican Friars), Spiritual Retreats and Recollections, and Eucharistic Celebrations at least twice per semester (mainly at Regina Caeli Parish).

Br. Steve Sese O.P.