We find ourselves pondering the feasibility of the new ministry at St. Dominic Catholic Church – Kianja (Kisumu).  Are we in a position to take on this new parish apostolate? Let us analyze some of its foreseen benefits and challenges.

In terms of benefits, the idea is good as it offers an apostolate for the priory in Kisumu (St Martin de Porres) which is the original house of the vicariate, and having a parish in the Archdiocese of Kisumu will help to establish in the Archdiocese. In addition, the parish will offer those in the formation program an opportunity for direct participation in a vicariate ministry. Previous chapters (meetings) of the Priory have raised the issue of more apostolates to help support the community. 

 It could also ensure economic sustenance for the priory, though presently minimal, there is hope for a better future. The parish would be an ideal place for fostering vocations to the vicariate, as the parishioners could also utilize our St Catherine of Siena retreat house and the proposed Shrine.

 We also project some few challenges including: The present minimal remuneration offered by Christian community, but which we anticipate to grow with time. As the Parish is new and just unveiled recently by the Archbishop, the Christian faithful together with the Friars will continue laboring to see it the Parish construction and structuring. 

 Though a new venture, the Christian community, in their simple but profound ways, have shown desire to grow in faith and support the ministers of the Word. Are we ready and disposed to journey with them?

 So far the Friars within the Priory have also yielded to the spiritual demands of the people of God and the local ordinary through their continued support through the weekly celebration of Holy Mass, administration of Sacraments and accompaniment in prayers.

As we near completion of the formal agreement with the Archbishop concerning this noble endeavour and implanting of a Dominican identity to Parish and Archdiocese of Kisumu, we beseech your prayers, advice and support.

May the hope, grace and love of our Lord Jesus Christ and blessed Dominic be with you!

 Charles Kato, op